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Make Your Jefferson City Water Better, with Culligan

Drinking water typically comes from one of a select few sources, either surface water, groundwater, or a combination of the two.  In the Jefferson City area, your water is mostly sourced from the Missouri River.  Since your water comes from a surface water source, you should be aware of what that means for you, for your home, and for your water.

Surface water sources, or any source that comes from lakes, rivers, reservoirs, or similar origins, mean that your water is exposed to the open air before it gets to your sink.  These sources are known for being susceptible to contaminants. These contaminants, like algae, bacteria, biomaterials, and microorganisms, can drastically affect the taste and smell of your water.  In addition, these impurities will get worse as the weather gets warmer.  As the sun shines and the temperatures rise, growth of these organisms and water’s sensitivity to them rises as well.

Whatever water problems you’re experiencing in your home, Culligan of Jefferson City will be able to help!  Culligan’s only business is water treatment. We don’t sell washing machines or lawn mowers. And since all of our attention is on water, we hold more patents on water treatment equipment and processes than anyone else in the world.  So, you have Culligan’s over 80 years of water treatment experience, coupled with locally-owned stores in Jefferson City. Our sole focus is the satisfaction of their customers. Find out how we can help you with a custom-tailored water treatment solution to meet your exact needs today!

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